The only partner you need to buy or sell spare parts

Blueberry Aviation is connected to a worldwide network of OEM’s, operators and maintenance centers.

We can offer solutions to dispose of excess spare parts inventory from all OEMs.

We have the expertise and resources to:

  • Source specific stocks or single parts in record time for any helicopter brand and model.
  • Sell your spare parts on a consignment basis, including parts inspections, overhauls and certifications.
  • Purchase your spare parts for resale.
  • Part out non-airworthy aircraft for separate parts sale.
  • Dispose of your excess spare parts inventory from all OEM spare parts on a consignment basis or outright purchase.

Blueberry Aviation Experience:

Blueberry Aviation has sold a 10 mio USD stock for several operators on a consignment basis, and purchased and sold large spare parts inventories from several operators and major OEMs.

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