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Remarketing services

How we can help:

Comprehensive & highly focused aircraft placement services

  • Aircraft market analysis.
  • Strategy on pricing policies, target customer base, deal structuring, and advertising.
  • Aircraft audit.
  • Marketing/technical brochures.
  • Aircraft remarketing to appropriate target customers.
  • Securing the right sale price (or lease rate).
  • Balancing the transaction risk with the value required in specific market conditions.
  • Offer drafting, negotiation & delivery of final transaction documentation.
  • Risk assessment, analysis & reporting on potential lessee.
  • Technical & commercial project management.
  • Lease structuring for sale with lease attached.

Blueberry Aviation experience:

Since 2003, Blueberry Aviation has placed 97 commercial aircraft with new owners, totaling 3.5 billion USD worth of moved assets.

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Aircraft Storage

How we can help:

Whether as part of a full scale repossession process or for the temporary storage of grounded aircraft, Blueberry Aviation offer a European aircraft storage facility to house and preserve aircraft fleets for short to long term periods.
Our storage solution include a full scale nose to tail support including as required end of storage maintenance, cabin reconfiguration and painting. Teaming up with one of the recycling specialist we offer part out solutions in the most eco friendly environment.

  • Large storage and parking facility
  • MRO capability
  • Periodic inspections, de-preservation, disassembly and re-certification services
  • Certified AS 9100 and EN ISO 14001

Why choose Blueberry Aviation Storage:

  • Flexible short to long-term parking
  • On-site EASA Part 145 MRO,
  • 24 / 7 operation and security
  • Competitive storage rates
  • Located within European Union with international flights connections
  • No import / export taxes and duties
  • Specialist recycling capability

Aircraft Sourcing and Procurement Advisory

How we can help:

Equipment Sourcing

  • Advise on appropriate aircraft type and specifications to meet our client’s specific requirement.
  • Coordination & management of a worldwide market search.
  • Negotiation of best transaction terms and preparation of all contractual documentation and contract follow up, with manufacturers, lessors, financiers, and operators.
  • Negotiation for purchase of major components with OEMs (e.g. Engines) and other equipment vendors and their ongoing support services.

Inspections, Acceptance & Entry into Service Process

  • Product specification definition (for new equipment).
  • Aircraft inspections support & specification/reconfiguration definition.
  • Inspection & acceptance process from Manufacturers (new) or third parties (pre-owned).

Technical & commercial follow up, commitment letter issues, warranties and training

A sample transaction:

A Mexican airline mandated Blueberry Aviation to source 7 second hand A320s. Blueberry Aviation separately negotiated their acquisition of 20 new A320s.

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Aircraft Finance

How we can help:

  • Analyse customer’s commercial objectives and tax constraints.
  • Select optimum financial solution among various available financial products:
    • Debt financing.
    • Sale & lease back.
    • Tax lease.
  • Source selected financing.
  • Deal implementation.

Blueberry Aviation experience:

Blueberry Aviation raised over 220 Million USD worth of debt on behalf of two leasing platforms respectively based in China and Europe.

Lease Management

How we can help:

Extensive experience in aircraft asset management focused on protecting asset value

  • Timely and effective monitoring of key risks.
  • Anticipating likely risk events.
  • Managing appropriate actions to mitigate their effect.
  • Lease management tailored to each airline’s unique circumstance.

Technical Services

  • Monthly review & analysis of aircraft information reported under the lease.
  • Assessment & monitoring of airline’s technical status (maintenance, operations, etc.).
  • Audits (Aircraft , Airline, Maintenance Reserve Management…etc.).

Legal Services

  • Repossession risk monitoring.
  • Ownership & Security issues.

Financial Monitoring of Lessee’s financial position

  • Maintenance providers.
  • Eurocontrol / airports.
  • Aviation authorities.

Blueberry Aviation experience:

Blueberry Aviation has simultaneously managed 17 narrowbody/widebody/turboprop aircraft on behalf of three lessors respectively based in Europe, the USA and China.

Technical Support

How we can help :

  • Aircraft production inspection.
  • Pre-purchase & final inspection.
  • Annual lease inspection.
  • End of lease inspection & re-delivery.
  • Major maintenance management.
  • Cabin modification management.

Blueberry Aviation experience:

Blueberry Aviation has managed over 455 Inspections (pre-buy and periodic, lease return/recovery, new aircraft production) and working parties supervision (major Checks, paint, cabin change…) performed on various aircraft models : A300, A310, A320 Family, A330/340, ATR 42/72, Boeing 737 Classic/NG, 747, 767, 777.

Freighter Conversion

How we can help:

Blueberry Aviation is well experienced in the value-adding activity of converting passenger aircraft into freighters.

Our team will assist to:

  • Chose the right aircraft to be converted.
  • Cegotiate state-of-the-art conversion agreements (including programme launch agreements).
  • Maximize the benefit from conversion in this notoriously cyclic market.
  • Manage the conversion programme up to delivery.

Blueberry Aviation experience:

  • Lead negotiator for the launch customer of the A320/A321 conversion programme
  • Sold a number of 747-400 conversion slots to an investor
  • The Blueberry Aviation has extensive experience in the freighter conversion market: buying, converting & selling several A300B4 and A300-600 aircraft.

Valuation Services

How we can help:

Blueberry Aviation is well-equipped with financial models and lease valuation tools to value Aircraft portfolio:

  • Assess purchase price for existing leases.
  • Simulate the economics of new leases.
  • Multi-aircraft (portfolio) model version available to analyse global returns on portfolio acquisitions.

Blueberry Aviation experience:

Blueberry Aviation was mandated by a major European bank to analyse and value a 36 widebody/narrowbody/regional jet aircraft portfolio leased to 20 airlines.

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