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Purchase a helicopter

How we can help:

Blueberry Aviation spécialist used Helicopter for sale is the only partner you need for your future helicopter acquisitions.
A dedicated team of experienced sales, technical and legal experts will:

  • Evaluate your exact requirements.
  • Maximize your options by talking to an extensive and diverse active worldwide network of potential sellers.
  • Find the best aircraft to fit your needs, anywhere in the world.
  • Negotiate on your behalf.
  • Manage the full acquisition process from beginning to end: contracts, inspections, reconfigurations, maintenance, delivery and registration of your new aircraft.

A sample transaction:

Blueberry Aviation sourced a corporate EC155 in Japan, reconfigured it to EMS mission, delivered and recertified the aircraft for our customer’s operations in Brazil.

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Blueberry Aviation Private

Fly Effortlessly. Blueberry Aviation Private offers a specialized service to assist its customer who are looking to acquire a helicopter for private and corporate use, guaranteeing peace of mind and a hassle-fee process. A dedicated team will:

  • Define its customers criteria according to their lifestyles and requirements and choose the most suited models.
  • Find helicopters suited to these needs from its global network, including machines which may not yet be on the market.
  • Customize the helicopter to suit its customer’s preferences (interior, paintscheme, seating…).
  • Assist its customers every step of the acquisition process (technical, financial, administrative…) taking care of the entire process right up to delivery.

A sample transaction:

Blueberry Aviation recently placed a VIP AW169 with a European customer on behalf of an Australian client.

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Spare parts

How we can help:

  • Blueberry Aviation is connected to a network of owners and operators looking to sell spare parts stock and can source the parts you need for any brand and model.

Blueberry Aviation Experience:

Blueberry Aviation have sold a 10 million USD worth of stock for several operators on a consignment basis, and purchased and sold large spare parts inventories from several operators and major OEM’s.

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Financial Services

How we can help:

Blueberry Aviation has proven expertise to assist its customers with the following :

Structure Finance

  • Raise debt and equity for specific projects.
  • Sale and lease back analysis and implementation.

Lease Management:

  • Through a dedicated lease management team.
  • State of the art software to fully manage portfolios.

Mergers and acquisitions support

  • Fleet and company valuations.
  • Sourcing financial partners.
  • Negotiation through to deal completion.

Financing Support Experience:

Blueberry Aviation have over the years provided financial lease facilities to various major operators in Latin & North America, Asia, Africa and Europe.


How we can help:

Blueberry Aviation have up to the minute knowledge and carry out ongoing desktop analysis of market fluctuations and transactions, and can advise on precise aircraft values based on current market value and specific aircraft status . Blueberry Aviation can also carry out onsite aircraft valuations:

  • to establish market value of potential candidate aircraft.
  • to obtain an independent valuation to compare with an offered price.
  • to provide third-party valuations (financial reporting).
  • to determine a market value for lessors and financiers.

Blueberry Aviation Experience:

Blueberry Aviation provided a detailed fleet valuation and market analysis covering 24 medium and heavy helicopters for a major European banking consortium.

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