Commercial aircraft placement



Aircraft Sourcing and Procurement Advisory

How we can help:

Equipment Sourcing

  • Advise on appropriate aircraft type and specifications to meet our client’s specific requirement.
  • Coordination & Management of a worldwide market search.
  • Negotiation of best transaction terms and preparation of all contractual documentation and contract follow up, with Manufacturers, Lessors, Financiers, and Operators.
  • Negotiation for purchase of major components with OEMs (e.g. Engines) and other equipment vendors and their ongoing support services.

Inspections, Acceptance & Entry into Service Process

  • Product specification definition (for new equipment).
  • Aircraft inspections support & specification/reconfiguration definition.
  • Inspection & acceptance process from Manufacturers (new) or third parties (pre-owned).

Technical & commercial follow up, commitment letter issues, warranties and training.

A sample transaction:

A Mexican airline mandated Blueberry Aviation to source 7x second hand A320s. Blueberry Aviation separately negotiated their acquisition of 20 new A320s.

aircraft placement

Aircraft Finance

How we can help:

  • Analyse customer’s commercial objectives and tax constraints.
  • Select optimum financial solution among various available financial products:
    • Debt financing.
    • Sale & Lease Back.
    • Tax lease.
  • Source selected financing.
  • Deal implementation.

Blueberry Aviation experience:

Blueberry Aviation raised over 220 Million USD worth of debt on behalf of two leasing platforms respectively based in China and Europe.

Lease Management

How we can help:

Extensive experience in aircraft asset management focused on protecting asset value

  • Timely and effective monitoring of key risks.
  • Anticipating likely risk events.
  • Managing appropriate actions to mitigate their effect.
  • Lease management tailored to each airline’s unique circumstance.

Technical Services

  • Monthly review & analysis of aircraft information reported under the lease.
  • Assessment & monitoring of airline’s technical status (maintenance, operations, etc.)..
  • Audits (Aircraft , Airline, Maintenance Reserve Managemen, etc..).

Legal Services

  • Repossession risk monitoring
  • Ownership & Security issues

Financial Monitoring of Lessee’s financial position

  • Maintenance providers
  • Eurocontrol / airports
  • Aviation authorities

Blueberry Aviation experience:

Blueberry Aviation has simultaneously managed 17 narrowbody/widebody/turboprop aircraft on behalf of three lessors respectively based in Europe, the USA and China.

Investment Structuring

How we can help:

We structure & manage aircraft investment vehicles for investors looking to protect their investment from excessive taxation (income, capital gains and withholding taxes) and implement lender imposed requirements.

  • Internal & external use of advisors: legal, accounting and taxation fields.
  • Successful track record of structuring.

Blueberry Aviation experience:

Blueberry Aviation has raised over $220m of debt to support various acquisitions and arranged the set-up of Irish structures for a Chinese Lessor and a European fund.

Valuation Services

How can we help:

In the context of the potential sale/acquisition of aircraft or in relation to a financing structuring, Blueberry Aviation can assist you to evaluate your aircraft or fleet of aircraft.

Various valuation services can be offered:

  • Desktop valuation.
  • Desktop valuation with maintenance adjustment.
  • Valuation with on-site technical inspection.

In the context of these valuations Blueberry Aviation not only has access to appraisers values but provides its own market analysis based on past and current transactions as well as its analysis of the specific asset to be valued.

A sample transaction:

Blueberry Aviation was mandated by a major European bank to analyse and value a 36 widebody/narrowbody/regional jet aircraft portfolio leased to 20 airlines.

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