Helicopter services



Technical Services

How we can help:

Technical Audits

  • Assess base condition of the pre-owned helicopter and documentation.
  • Establish operator/lessee pre-owned helicopter meets all regulatory requirements and contractual obligations.
  • Monitor the pre-owned helicopter and operator during lease period to ensure contractual and regulatory compliance (Asset Protection).
  • Carry out lease-end inspection performance at redelivery.
  • Prepare pre-owned helicopter for immediate remarketing.

Technical Inspections

  • Establish airworthiness.
  • Ascertain condition of the pre-owned helicopter meets client’s expectations.
  • Audit completeness of helicopter documentation and compliance with customer’s end aviation regulatory body of importation.
  • Verify pre-owned helicopter and documentation is compliant to the client’s respective aviation regulatory body for importation.

Technical acceptance Inspections

  • Ensure all deficiencies found in the pre-purchase technical inspection have been completed.
  • Check pre-owned helicopter and documentation is in accordance with the contract of sale.
  • Arrange flight test and ferry flight.
  • Transfer of ownership and registration process, transport and import clearance process management.

Spares parts

How we can help:

  • Blueberry Aviation is connected to a network of and operators looking to sell spare parts stock and can source the parts you need for any brand and model.
  • Blueberry Aviation can offer solutions to  dispose of excess spare parts inventory from all OEM spare parts on a consignment basis or outright purchase.

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Financial Services

How we can help:

Blueberry Aviation has proven expertise to assist its customers to:

Structure Finance

  • Raise debt and equity for specific projects.
  • Sale and lease back analysis and Implementation.

Lease Management

  • Through a dedicated lease management team.
  • State of the art software to fully manage portfolios.

Mergers and acquisitions support

  • Fleet and company valuations.
  • Sourcing financial partners.
  • Negotiation through to deal completion.

Financing Support Experience:

Blueberry Aviation have over the years provided financial lease facilities to various major operators in Latin & North America, Asia, Africa and Europe.



How we can help:

Blueberry Aviation has up to the minute knowledge and carry out ongoing desktop analysis of market fluctuations, transactions and can advise on precise aircraft values based on current market value and specific aircraft status . Blueberry Aviation can also carry out onsite aircraft valuations

  • To establish a value before seling or putting a helicopter on the market.
  • To obtain an independent valuation to compare with an asking or offered price.
  • To provide third-party valuations (financial reporting).
  • To determine a market value for lessors and financiers.

Blueberry Aviation Experience:

Blueberry Aviation provided a detailed fleet valuation and market analysis covering 24x medium and heavy helicopters for a major European banking consortium.


How Blueberry Aviation can help:

  • Arrange technical team on site missions to assess aircraft and documentation condition.
    Based on aircraft condition, proceed with:

    • Aircraft valuation.
    • Return to Service management.
    • Storage solution and management.
  • Custom/Insurance management.
  • Relation with OEM.
  • Aircraft reconfiguration to target a different market.
  • Relocation management.
  • Registration services.
  • Remarketing.

Blueberry Aviation experience:

Recovery of a 22 medium to heavy helicopter fleet repossessed from a defaulting operator on behalf of a European banking consortium. Physical recovery from 5 continents, relocation to a single facility followed by storage and maintenance management by Blueberry Aviation.

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