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Blueberry Aviation is a trusted name in the Aviation industry. Founded by Francois Gautier in 2003 with the unique ambition to address a rare market combination in the aerospace industry:  Commercial Aircraft and Helicopters.

Blueberry Aviation is an independent private firm which offers a wide array of services to operators, owners, financiers and investors in both the commercial aircraft and helicopter sectors and offers all brands and covers all segments of helicopter and commercial aircraft operations.

Your aircraft specialists

Team expertise, extensive knowledge of the aerospace market : we create and capitalise on market opportunities to trade, source, remarket and manage aircraft portfolios effectively. We offer advice to make the right equipment selection, structure efficient aircraft transactions, source and place new and pre-owned aircraft and spare parts, and provide asset management for aircraft portfolios. Discover : Helicopter AW 139, Helicopter AW 169, Helicopter AW 109, Helicopter Bell 407 .

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