Blueberry Aviation kicks off 2022 with deliveries and an expanded team of aviation experts

Blueberry Aviation kicks off 2022 with deliveries and an expanded team of aviation experts

2021 was a busy and successful year for Blueberry Aviation, and 2022 is looking even more promising with 8 deliveries completed and 4 additional team members on board.

Blueberry Aviation completed 28 helicopter transactions in 2021 including sales across all regions, and involving models from the three main manufacturers. As a result the company moved a total asset value exceeding US$80 million. Blueberry also performed numerous inspections around the world, as well as aircraft technical audits and large portfolio market analyses .

2021 marked the addition of three highly reputable individuals to the Blueberry team :

Gianfranco Sottotetti’s expertise includes engines, fixed wing & rotary aircrafts, and UAV. He has held sales and management positions at Piaggio, Rolls Royce, and Leonardo where he was recently SVP International Government Business, managing director NH Industries, and CEO Sistemi Dinamici.

Philippe Minot was head of sales – Middle-East at Airbus Helicopters for 15 years, where he covered Civilian and Military products, and prior to that held sales and management positions at DASSAULT Electronique and Thales.

Yann Ballet was previously VP Structured Finance at Airbus, where he held various senior-level positions in the US, Europe and UAE all the while building strong relationships within the financing communities. His experience covers a wide range of aircraft financing structures ( mortgage debt, leasing, capital markets, Islamic financing, investment funds, etc..) and corporate financing.

In 2022, Argelia Morello joins the helicopter sales team from Safran Aerosystems America where she was regional sales manager in the US and also had in charge Latin American and Carribean markets. Prior to that she held sales positions at Prime Industries in the Helicopter and Fixed Wing markets. Argilia is based in the US for Blueberry Aviation Corporation and is dedicated to the North American helicopter market.

“I am extremely proud to begin 2022 with such a strong team of remarkable aviation experts, “ says Francois Gautier, CEO and Founder, “ We are off to an outstanding start – our approach is customer-focused and agile. Together we will continue to match the right aircraft with the right owner every time, wherever they are in the world.”

“Overall, despite logistical complications and travel restrictions sometimes stretching average delivery time frames, the market is clearly active and opportunities lie ahead for our industry,” says Aubrey Point Blueberry’s EVP, “ We have delivered 8 helicopters in the first two months this year, and our team is busy with exciting new projects” .

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