Recognition to the Helicopter community

Recognition to the Helicopter community

March 2020


Our well-being has long relied on helicopters. Search and rescue, fire-fighting, EMS, humanitarian, surveillance missions render essential services every day around the world.

Today particular onus falls on HEMS teams and operators to actively combat the Covid-19, a very global threat.

More than ever the helicopter community has come together to act with solidarity in the midst of the pandemic which has now become a worldwide crisis. No part of the world is or indeed will be spared and helicopters are playing an essential role in limiting casualties.

We should be extremely proud of our industry which is demonstrating commitment, professionalism and sparing no efforts to carry out HEMS and critical care missions that save lives. A number of our customers and partners are operating missions as we speak to transfer patients to and between medical facilities, to rescue individuals and to transfer medical material. This pandemic has also shown how this mobilization has led to creative initiatives. Interiors are modified to maximize capacity for stretchers and patients, manufacturers are producing valves to convert snorkeling masks into respirators, new infection control precautions are improving safety protocols. Increased sanitary and safety measures are being implemented and will no doubt contribute towards positive evolutions in air transport norms.

Many heart-warming initiatives also show our community is capable of altruistic actions which include mask donations, man and flight hours and free equipment provision.

Recognition should be given not only to the front line, pilots, crews, paramedics and critical care nurses who often put their own lives at risk, but also to all the essential technical, logistical and administrative staff who are tirelessly working in the background to save lives and contribute to minimize the impact of the pandemic to ease overwhelmed medical facilities.

We will get through this together. Our industry is once again showing it is capable of cohesion and resilience and it will continue to do so.

Thank you!

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