EC135 T2 – EMS – REF. AH-517

EC135 T2 – EMS – REF. AH-517

REF. AH-517

Production Year 2004
TSN 7332 HRS
Availability IMMEDIATE
Mission EMS

HIGHLIGHTS: Bucher medical interior ; Engine Inlet Barrier Filter System (IBF)


Engine Inlet Barrier Filter System (IBF)

Standard landing gear

Reinforced rear landing gear cross tube

Fixed landing lights on the cross tubes (2x)

Retractable Search and Landing light

Excellent paint conditions (sealed)

Tactical radio antenna (TETRA)

Mud pads on the landing gear

Single hand latch for clamshell doors

Engine wash kit


New Safran HMU’s (TU-143)


Bucher medical interior (EASA STC AC-66) including stretcher

Several retainers for medical devices (on floor, medical wall and on ceiling)

Swiveable and rotable doctor seat (1)

Fixed cabin seat (1), more fixed seats can be delivered

Medical rear wall with multiple power outlets and oxygen connectors

Oxygen bottle retainer fur up to 3 O2 Bottles

One-Hand latching system for clam-shell doors

Intercom and tactical radio control head in cabin

Bucher integral floor (with additional seat tracks) as detachable floor on the Airbus floor


Dual controls (quick removeable co pilot controls)

Extended instrument panel

Dual pilot IFR equipped

Dual Garmin GNS430

Transponder GTX33

Traffic Advisory System Avidyne TAS620

ECT industries NVIS lightning

Tactical radio control panel CARLS (the radio Sepura SRG3900 will be removed)

Intercom Becker AS3100 Low impedance

AC system

Height adjustable pilot seat


Rotorbrake system

ELT – Artex C406-N

NVIS reading light


Engines and Parts under Support Program

Offered with Valid Export C of A.

We offer the Aircraft : “As-is” Ex-Works Europe

HIGHLIGHTS: Bucher medical interior ; Engine Inlet Barrier Filter System (IBF)

HIGHLIGHTS: Bucher medical interior ; Engine Inlet Barrier Filter System (IBF)

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