AW109 E – EMS – REF. L-12

AW109 E – EMS – REF. L-12

REF. L-12
Production Year 2000
TSN 3578 HRS
Availability IMMEDIATE
Mission EMS


Breeze Eastern Rescue Hoist (FP)
Cargo Hook (FP)
Cargo Hook (FP)
Emergency Floats (FP & RP)
Agusta EMS Equipment
Portable Fire Extinguisher
Adas-d Engine Monitoring System
Snow Skids (FP)
Anticollision Light
Bleed Air Heater


Bendix King KX165A VHF NAV/COMM system
Bendix King KR87 ADF
Bendix King KT71 mode C
Honeywell KDM 706A DME
Honeywell KMN 675 MKR
Artex C406-2HM ELT
Bendix King KX165 VHF NAV/COMM system, pilot
Intercommunication Control System
Bendix RDR 2000 Weather Radar
Free Flight 2101 I/O Appr. GPS
Honeywell RT-300 Radar Altimeter


Offered with a valid C of A.
We offer the Aircraft: “As is” Ex-Works Europe

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