AS365 N3 – VIP – REF. AH-497

AS365 N3 – VIP – REF. AH-497

REF. AH-497

Production Year 2002
TSN 3652 HRS
Availability IMMEDIATE
Mission VIP
Status In Preservation


Dual Controls
First Aid Kits (*2)
Fire Extinguisher (*2)
Internal Life Rafts
Emergency Floats
Pop-out Windows
HEELS – Night Flight
Cabin Heating
Jettisonable Doors
Emergency Pop-out Windows
High Visibility Pulse Lights
Cabin Configuration: 6 Pax Seats


Autopilot AFCS
Transceivers with VHF (*2) Honey
Transponder (Mode C or S)
GPS Garmin GPS165
ADF Honeywell RNZ-850
VOR / ILS (*2)
DME Recevier
Marker Receiver Honeywell RNZ-850
Radar Indicator Honeywell DU1080
Radio Altimeter Thomson ERT 160
CVR Honeywell AR CVR20
Weather Radar Honeywell Prims 880
Moving Map Skyforce Observer
FMS Honeywell GNS-XLS
ELT Honeywell C406-2HM
NAV Receiver Honeywell RNZ-850
Standby Horizon BF Goodrich GH3000


No incident History. Aircraft is in good condition.
We offer the Aircraft with a Valid Export C of A.: “As is” Ex-Works Europe

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