AS365 N3 – EMS – REF. AH-248

AS365 N3 – EMS – REF. AH-248

REF. AH-428

Production Year 1991
TSN 19265 HRS
Availability IMMEDIATE
Mission EMS
Status In Operation


Cabin Heating System
Air Conditioning (not installed)
Battery Ni-Cad
Emergency Floats (FP)
Ice detector
LED Position and Anti-collision Lights
2 x Fixed landing light
2 x Searchlight
Cabin configuration: EMS interior


VHF/1& VHF/2 + antenna
Intercom (Pilot, Co-pilot & Cabin)
ELT 406 + Antenna
Tactical radio Sepura 3900
Performit System vehicle computer system connected to
Sepura 3900
GSM (Cockpit & Cabin)
Night Vision Imagine System
Cabin altimeter
Weather radar
Radio altimeter
2 x Horizon Gyro
2 x Vertical Gyro
Flight director coupler CDV 85
GPS Trimble 2101-I/O
Transponder + antenna
ADF + antenna
DME + antenna
2 x VOR NAV + antennas


Offered with valid Export C of A.
We offer the Aircraft : “As is” Ex-Works Europe

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