A message from Francois Gautier, CEO Blueberry Aviation

A message from Francois Gautier, CEO Blueberry Aviation

Dear customers, partners and friends,
COVID-19 has brought about much uncertainty to the world and unfortunately the future is still unclear.

First and foremost my team and I sincerely hope that our customers, their families and loved ones are and will remain safe from the virus epidemic.
On behalf of the Blueberry Aviation team, I want to personally reassure you that we remain fully available and in a strong position to support our customers both in the airline industry and in the helicopter sector.
Our teams are prepared to assist you to adapt your company to the current crisis and new environment.
Given our background and experience since 2003 we experienced various crises and helped our customers to get through these challenging times. We are totally independent from any manufacturers, lessors or financiers and our action is solely dedicated to our customers.
For the airline industry which is clearly going through the worst crisis ever, our customers will require support to adapt their fleets, manage overcapacity and generally get all the support required to make the right decision as regards their operations as operators or their investments as financiers or banks.

Our expertise will be decisive to manage assets, recover assets and remarket the overcapacity. Our job will be also to provide the right information (asset conditions, marketability, cost control….) to decision makers when critical decisions will need to be made.
Blueberry Aviation has successfully remarketed 63 Aircraft for 24 different customers for a total value of more than US$ 1.3 Bio over the years. We know how challenging it will be to move commercial aircraft during the recovery period but we can assure you we will dedicate all our energy to support our customers to achieve this.

How this crisis will impact the Helicopter market is more difficult to analyse at this stage.
We would like to thank and extend our sympathy to all helicopter operators which are and will be so vital during this crisis. This is notably true for those which are involved in EMS and critical missions amidst the current pandemic but generally speaking we all realize the helicopter industry is essential to a lot of sectors during these very testing times.

Once this health crisis will be behind us operators will need to adapt their operations. Blueberry Aviation will assist you as we did during the difficult years we have already been through.

With a record of a total of more than 400 helicopters transactions for 260 different customers and a total value of more than US$1 Bio we feel that our experience will be critical to move assets in this new and even more challenging environment.

It is too early to say where operators will be impacted and where overcapacity issues will need to be solved. Our global network and our coverage of all industry segments will certainly be a great advantage to help our customers (operators, financiers, banks) to move assets and ultimately make the market as liquid as possible.

There is no good time to buy or bad time to sell assets there is a time when you need to sell and a time you need to buy. We will dedicate all our expertise and efforts to make sure the best solutions are found whether you are a buyer or a seller.

The Blueberry Aviation team around the globe is available to assist you as always.
Contact us and we will do our best to help you in the best possible way.
Stay safe!

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